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Video Distribution:
A Visual Feast

Electronic Home designs and installs whole house video distribution systems. From CCTV to HDTV, we do it all. We offer systems & components from ADA, Atlona, Binary, Control4, Crestron, Key Digital, RTI & Spectrum Electronics.

We have a very visual society so it is only logical that our need to get video from one place to another is growing. Front door/gate and baby cams have been driving that need for years, but the digital age has brought on other needs. Video and PCs are converging changing the way we get information and even our shopping habits! Pay-per-view movies and video-on-demand services are creating demands for even more flexibility in our home electronics and networking. We offer a variety of solutions!

Who needs video distribution? You might surprised. Video distribution is used to add convenience, security and peace-of-mind to your life.

The most common form involves CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) signals. I am sure everyone is familiar with having a camera at a gated entrance, door, swimming pool or a nursery. Checking on who is coming to see you or watching the kids play while you work is invaluable. With a quality network, you can do this from your office or anywhere in the world on your smartphone or PC via the internet!

More people are also seeing the value of sending a Bluray, DVD, satellite, CATV or steaming video signal to multiple rooms in the house. This allows you to finish up a movie in the bedroom while others continue to watch it in the theater. If you are entertaining, you may want the kids to watch a program in the playroom while the adults watch in the living room enjoying conversation without all the background noise.

The most basic form is to create in-home channels that any TV in the house can tune to (this is called "modulation"). RF and infrared repeating systems allow remote control of these devices. This is the easiest and most cost effective method, however, with the higher resolution devices available today such as Bluray and HDTV and the convergence of Video and PCs, you may want a more sophisticated system.

Home Automation Systems allow the integration of many audio/video subsystems giving greater control and feedback. Matrix switching devices allow higher quality distribution by using baseband, S-Video, Component, RGB, SVGA and HDMI signals. Newer technologies allow these signals to be distributed over much greater distances than in the past, making high quality whole house distribution a reality. The same technologies are also allowing us to physically locate these sources about your home adding convenience.

If you read our industry magazines, you may have read about the up and coming "Analog Sunset" which is a scheduled obsolescence of High Definition signals being output to analog connectors. If this was simply a technical issue, we wouldn't have a problem, however, some aspects have become political and the government has added their two cents complicating things even more. There are many informative and enlightening articles on the subject, but many more that are simply false and misleading. The best part is that you don't have to worry about it as we offer technical solutions that aren't affected by the politics or time lines. Future proof your home now and save the agony and expense of having to redo things in the next year or two or three.....

Electronic Home has consistently stayed at the fore front of technology and video distribution is no exception. We have attended HDMI training from one of the best in the industry, Jeff Boccaccio of DPL Labs, have multiple certified Crestron Digital Media employees and have researched and reviewed all of the top products in the industry. We stay on-top of all of the emerging technologies including HDBaseT distribution systems and the newer 4K (UltraHD) resolutions. We know what works and can offer the solution that works best for you.

Call Electronic Home today to discuss your particular needs. Changes in this arena are fast and furious; you never know what is possible!