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Home Monitoring & Automation:
Controlling Your Home With Ease

Want an upscale Home Control System from from Control4, Control Envy, Crestron or RTI? Electronic Home is light years ahead of the competition with our installaiton & programming expertise! We also offer basic automation from LockState and NEST that can be integrated into a more complex system as your needs grow and expand.

The term "Home Automation" brings many things to mind. Some people think about the infamous "X-10" switches that many security companies, Sears and RadioShack have pushed for years. Others think about Hal in the movie 2001! We hear "Why do I need an automation system?" all the time. The truth is nobody needs an automation system, but they sure are convenient! A true home automation system integrates various home electronics to make them work for you. Electronic Home designs and installs the most sophisticated home control systems available. We do what the others can't!

Worried about a home that is too high-tech? Don't be. Our systems are easy to use and we design them in a way that the major functions are available even if a system failure occurred.

We feature whole house control systems by Control4, Control Envy, Crestron & RTI. These systems can integrate lighting control, entertainment systems, climate control, window shade / drapery, pool/spa systems, security, door locks and communications all in one, easy to use wall-mounted or handheld touch panel! You can even use your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet to control major features both while you are in you home and while you are away! Manual control is still available via traditional means.

There are a variety of home automation systems available, each touting their superiority. We feel that Control4, Control Envy, Crestron and RTI currently offer the best truly integrated systems on the market. Most of the other systems are based off of an older product such as a lighting controller or security system that they simply added modules to make them perform some automation features. Control4, Control Envy, Crestron and RTI were designed as an integrated system from the ground up and they have opened their system up sharing technology through industry partner programs. This has led to the most capable and flexible systems available.

These systems are far more than lighting control systems. For example, a simple selection of "Goodnight" from a keypad or touch panel could lock your doors, turn off the whole house audio system, turn off certain lights and turn others on for safety and/or security, set back the HVAC system for sleeping, arm the security system and even change the functions of its own buttons, keypads or motion detectors! Now when you press that button by the bed, a path of dimmed lights lead the way to the bathroom, kitchen and/or children's room. When morning comes around, the same button could welcome you with the morning news and traffic!

Using Control4, Control Envy, Crestron and RTI technology and our installation and programming expertise, we offer systems that even know whether you are driving up to your home or away from it and can automatically respond accordingly based on other activities in your home. Basically your imagination and budget are the limits, not our systems or our experience!

Also keep in mind that home automation is not just for your primary residence. In fact, it can simply your life if you have a vacation home that others in the family use or your rent out. You can remotely allow guests, a realtor, leasing agent or maintenance subcontractors access to your home either as a on-time or scheduled event. You can easily monitor and/or control your lighting, HVAC and other energy items saving you time and peace of mind!.

Last, but not least, EVERY HOME should have some basic automation; not for convenience, but for safety. Old fashioned smoke detectors simply beep when there is an issue, leaving you questioning what is wrong if you hear the alarm at all. NEST Protect offers a more modern solution by letting you know what the problem is in plain English (or French, Spanish, etc!) alerting you to the type of problem (smoke, fire or CO (Carbon Monoxide)and WHERE the problem is. ALL of your NEST Protect detectors are interconnected throughout your home so that if one on the far end of the house detects an issue, you are notified throughout your home. NEST Protect can also give you a "Heads-Up" alert when the smoke or carbon monoxide levels are just beginning to rise so you get an early warning if there is an emergency or a little extra time to turn off that burner on the stove if you simply burnt something. NEST Protect also talks to NEST Thermostats and will turn off your HVAC blower so that it doesn't distribute poisonous gases throughout your home. NEST offers a modern approach to products we are all familiar with with safety features unmatched by others at a price everyone can afford! Call Electronic Home for professional installation and setup!

We have added a few videos that show some of the possibilities
of a Home Control System. Each have been supplied by their manufacturer. Enjoy!