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Electronic Home:
Raising the Bar for Over 23 Years!

Electronic Home has consistently set the standards for Atlanta. Innovative and Experienced.

Electronic Home, Inc. is a high-end custom installation company that specializes in home theaters and home control systems. We have multiple Home THX® Certified and ISF® Certified employees.

Our showroom features two dedicated home theaters, including the world's only Lumiere Home Cinema Experience® Showroom, multiple control systems, a themed lobby and a conference room that has several photos that show off our talents. We can also arrange a viewing of a customer installation. Our showroom is located in the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center West Building (ADAC West). Please call 404-231-0504 for information, showroom hours, to make an appointment and/or directions.

We can also be reached by email at .

Company History

Electronic Home Consultants, Inc. was incorporated in February of 1991 with our main focus on home automation. The entire year was spent developing our infrastructure. We visited other respected custom installation companies around the nation finding out their best practices. We found most willing to share their experiences which was invaluable to us. We researched what products we wanted to carry and educated ourselves on them through manufacturers' training, self-study and purchasing many items to install in our own home and homes of friends and relatives. We also developed our proposal and accounting software.

In 1992 we continued the learning process and branched out doing installations around Atlanta. Our first major marketing step was participating in the Atlanta Home and Garden Show in the Georgia World Congress Center.

In January of 1993 we opened an "appointment only" showroom in Roswell, GA. We were one of the first non-retail showrooms in Georgia demonstrating a dedicated home theater, a whole house audio system and an advanced home automation system. We showed off a whole house system at the Street of Dreams. We also continued exhibiting in the World Congress Center home shows and were the featured exhibitor in the Fall 1993 show; we showed off a stand-alone theater complete with a marquee, theater seating, front projector and a Home THX® sound system! Very progressive for its time!

In January of 1994 we subleased space in a major laser disc retailer in Smyrna, building two theater showrooms that set the new standard in the Southeast! We also provided a theater in the National Home Builders Showcase Home and in the Dalton Big Brothers charity show house.

In May of 1995 we opened our current showroom in the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC). ADAC is one of the country's leading design centers, attracting clients from every state! Other design centers from across the country tour ADAC to see what makes them such a success and EHC is part of that tour!

In 1998 EHC was asked to provide the home theater and whole house audio systems in both the Southern Accents/Neiman Marcus Holiday House and the Sugarloaf Country Club Holiday House. Many other companies actively pursued these venues! EHC has participated in and was the feature billing for the Atlanta Home and Garden Show in the Georgia World Congress Center.

The year 2000 shaped up to be another mark in EHC's history! We had a record year in sales growth! We attended Runco's dealer meeting for the third time in five years of being a Runco dealer (only the top performing dealers are invited). We also were asked to participate in two rooms in the Atlanta Symphony Decorator's Show House and provided a high-end home theater in the Southern Accents Holiday House 2000!

2001 proved to be a tough but busy year. We were again invited to participate in the Atlanta Symphony Decorator's Show House. We spent a lot of time and effort on merging with two other "friendly competitors". We learned a lot from that effort, but we eventually decided not to pursue the merger due to some business practice differences and backed out. The other two companies proceeded with the merger and we all consider each other friends and have much respect for each other. We wish them the best! [Unfortunately they had some differences and have since split up....seems we dodged a bullet!]

In 2002 we implemented many of the ideas we had developed in the merger talks, hiring additional personnel, investing in additional training and purchasing equipment and tools that will take us to the next level, again distancing ourselves from our competitors! For a record 5th time we were again asked to participate in the Atlanta Symphony Decorator's Show House affirming the confidence their organization and the design community has placed in us! We also completed a major remodel of our showroom and office space. At the end of 2002 we shortened our name to "Electronic Home", dropping the word "Consultants". We are still the same company with the same accounts and perform the same services; we now have an easier name and a new logo!

With 2002 video sales and rentals more than doubling last year's box office revenues, it is obvious that Americans are serious about home entertainment, so 2003 had great promise! As expected 2003 turned out to be a solid growth year for us. We spent most of the year doing what we do best - installing quality systems and keeping our clients satisfied! We participated in our 6th Atlanta Symphony Decorator's Show House!

2004 was another strong year! We were selected and given our own room in the 2004 Atlanta Symphony Decorator's Show House! We also expanded our office/showroom area, signing a new lease that makes us one of ADAC's "old timers". With our experienced staff and major new product introductions from our key manufacturers, we are once again positioned to provide the highest quality systems available for the money!

In 2005, 2006 and 2007 we basically stayed the course, continuing to raise the bar by integrating the latest technologies. We were invited to be one of six Beta Test Dealers for the new and exciting Savant Systems controller. We made a decision to not participate in any shows for a while as we couldn't handle any additional business at that time.

2008 was a challenging year as the economic climate took its downward spiral. Luckily, we run a lean and mean company and were able to quickly react to the changes and fared quite well compared to many others in our industry.

2009 was similar to 2008. Unfortunately, we have seen several of our competitors close their doors, leaving hundreds of clients with nowhere to turn and creating some negative attitudes toward our industry and technology in general. We are actively trying to get the word out that there is hope and have been working to turn the problem installations around. So, if you don't know where to turn, give us a call and we will do our best to assist you!

2010 brought a lot of activity around Electronic Home. After being in the same showroom for the past 15 years, we chose to extend our lease, and immediately give it a major a face lift by demolishing the glass block wall and installing new storefront windows/doors across the entire front. This allows a wonderful view of our lobby and provides an old fashioned display window to boot! We also moved our offices and warehouse around and started building what we feel is the world's finest home theater experience from Lumiere. Our existing client base provided a steady stream of upgrade business! New business was still down compared to pre-2008 levels, but stable.

2011 was a busy year. We did some additional remodeling, completing our Lumiere Home Cinema Experience® Demo Room. We staged events to introduce the Lumiere throughout the fall. We were very busy with both new and existing client projects. Another one of the larger integrators in the Atlanta area went under. We were fortunate enough to snatch up the owner and his right hand man, bringing broader market exposure and even more experience to our team! We immediately reviewed their best practices, what went wrong and successful product lines, however, we made no immediate changes.

In 2012 we continued working on new projects and updating existing clients. It was also a year of change. With our new team members fully on-board, we created some strategic alliances with a few new key partners and developed some packages and marketing that is allowing us to compete in lower priced projects, but still have the quality that Electronic Home is known for!

During 2013 we continued our slow and careful product and service expansion, adding exterior lighting and expanding our motorized window covering offerings. We also joined a new organization, HIP Outdoors (Home Improvement Professionals) that concentrates on Outdoor Living. Many homeowners are turning to their backyard for expansion instead of adding on or moving to a larger home. We feel that this trend is here to stay.

2014 we will continued to concentrate on our core businesses of home entertainment and home automation while slowly expanding our LED lighting lines as the changes and growth there is almost staggering.


Electronic Home, Inc. has had installations featured in many publications, including Southern Accents, Audio Video Interiors, Home Entertainment & Design, Home Theater Interiors, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Atlanta Magazine, Custom Builder, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Atlanta Business Chronicle and Creative Loafing. We have also had our installations grace the pages of Architectural Digest, The Robb Report, Home Theater, Wide Screen Review, and Video Magazine. We have been on HGTV three times!

Other Media/Press Highlights:

Electronic Home, Inc. was chosen as "The Best in Atlanta" by Atlanta Magazine. Unfortunately, we received a letter from them that the entire section of the December 2003 issue we were to be mentioned in was shelved due to lack of editorial space.

The January/February 2004 issue of HED has an in-depth article, titled "In Pursuit of Perfection", on the exclusive CAT MBX team and it's process!

Electronic Home was featured in the May/June 2004 issue of Home Entertainment & Design magazine! The 4+ page article includes photos of some of our installations!

The December 2004 issue of Atlanta Magazine highlighted The Best in Atlanta and Electronic Home was chosen once again!

EH founders, Randy and Terry Massey, have been guest speakers at the CEDIA and CES shows and have been invited to speak at manufacturers' dealer/rep meetings. Both have been asked for input and opinions in industry magazines, such as Audio/Video International, The Inside Track, Electronic House and CE Pro.

Employment Opportunities

EH runs a "lean and mean" company with a family atmosphere. In other words we both work hard and play hard! We believe strongly that one should enjoy their job and "work to live" not "live to work" and encourage taking time off and leaving early when the job is done. Conversely, we also believe in doing "whatever it takes" to make a customer happy, which may involve working late on occasions. With this philosophy, we have happy employees, happy customers and happy owners!

All of our employees are audio/video enthusiasts and have had many years of experience in the industry. We pay our employees at the top of the scale and offer a generous holiday and vacation schedule, rewarding long-term employees with additional time off. We offer health insurance and protect our employees with workmen's comp.

Like many small businesses, with the current economic and political unknowns, we are being cautious and not hiring at this time, however, if you're interested in a long-term relationship and have the talents and eye for quality, give us a call. At a minimum we will have had an opportunity to meet you and can keep you in mind if a need arises! We will treat all inquiries with privacy.